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October 17, 2015

“It does not do to rely too much on silent majorities…

for silence is a fragile thing, one loud noise, and its gone.

Noise is relative to the silence preceding it.

The more absolute the hush, the more shocking the thunderclap.

Our masters have not heard the people’s voice for generations,

and it is much, much louder than they care to remember.”

Alan Moore (V for Vendetta)

A Reign Of Terror

November 1, 2012

There is an overwhelming body of evidence that we are fast approaching a new phase of terror in the west. If one were to look closely at the growing number of reports about a full return to ethnocentric and racial politics, under the guise of patriotism and love of nation, or to look more closely at the way in which highly motivated political groups on the extreme right are mushrooming all over the world, then it becomes crystal clear that we are under siege from the extremist elements of our society worldwide.

Here, where I live in Greece, the movement known as Golden Dawn have been making ever greater inroads into the seats of power and influence over the last few troubled years. The economic climate, the insecurity of a Union of nations on the brink of collapse, the rise and rise of Germany as a central, bullying power in the heart of Europe, not to mention the imminent dissolution of Spain, Portugal, Ireland and possibly Italy into chaos have all bolstered the idea that the continent is in full tail spin and will with the slightest push descend into total chaos. Read more…

Is the rest of the World finally paying attention?

August 31, 2012

I, and many others like me, have been desperately reporting the murderous growth of Nazism in Greece for quite some time now. But what has been a great shock and disappointment to those of us who think about these things has been the almost blanket silence on the issue in the press and media here and worldwide. Yes there have been a few meagre reports and references to “extreme right wing movements” here and there, a few lukewarm point-of-interest reports about the growing and expanding vicious attacks by the Golden Dawn (often not even mentioned by name) on immigrants in foreign press and media. Almost all reports so far have been in the context of Greek incompetence and botched government, endemic corruption and financial crisis. All reports seem to be made as a sideline to illustrate yet another example of how awful Greece is, not as a serious socio-political tragedy in the making. No one seems to have paralleled this, as I and a few other independents like me have, with the historical rise of Fascist and Nazi movements in Europe only a few short decades ago.

For this reason I am very pleased and made to feel a little ray of hope by the appearance and content of this article in the British Independent newspaper.

I can not emphasise strongly enough how essential and true what Laurie Penny says in this article is.

If the rest of the world continues to ignore the situation here, we will be facing another re-enactment of 1938 -9 in Europe. I don’t really think anyone would consider the prospect of another World War with any relish. Or would they?

Please read this and spread the word.

We need to see a saturation of this kind of analysis in the hopes that the international political community will be embarrassed into taking some form of definite action on this vitally dangerous situation. It is my belief that unless a concerted national and international effort is made to stanch this gaping and bleeding wound in the very flesh of democracy, it will bring about the death of freedom in Greece.

It is way past time for action against the Nazis. NOW. Later would be too late.


August 13, 2012

Our friendly neighbourhood Nazi thugs just took up their hatred one notch further up the scale.

They have now murdered a youth for being different to them, for being from a different race. Mark this, not because of something he did, or that he was aggressive, or causing them danger.

No. A motorised group of them were out hunting for any foreign face walking the streets alone, so they could beat the hell out of them… Or as it turned out murder them.

The Iraqi youth died yesterday after several stab wounds to his body.

Interestingly the Greek TV channel Alpha in reporting it said something like:

“Although we have heard of many such incidents in other countries, this is the first time we have seen this kind of thing in Greece”!!!

So I guess the months of severe beatings, vicious attacks, threats on foreign shops and businesses, terrorising the migrant communities, ominous promises of “Cleaning the streets of the city of the filth”, campaigns for denying medical care to all non-Greeks, and all the other horrors that have been suffered by immigrants are nothing to get excited about.

Name the criminals now. This will only get worse unless there is real punishment for those who commit such acts of horror.

A Kind of solution

August 12, 2012

I have been writing and posting all over the place, broadcasting, at times apocalyptically, about the rise and rise of the extreme right in the West, and specifically in Greece in the light of developments over the recent period of intensification in the travails of this country, and this continent of Europe in general. Read more…

Tremseh Massacre

July 14, 2012

Syrian Air Force gunships and army tanks slaughter an estimated 220 people, mostly civilians in the village of Tremseh, in the Hama region of the country.

The world disapproves, but it seems goes on folding its hands in inaction. How bad does it have to get there before the rest of the world stops tutting and actually helps the opposition?

The UN is monitoring the situation though, so I guess everything is alright…

Drowning in Democracy

July 13, 2012

A key prerequisite of the exercise of Democracy is an informed, well educated populace, armed with the tools needed to analyse and dissect received information.

There is no other way to sift through propaganda and lies to clear the way for informed, wise democratic decision making in the choices we make for those who will be granted the power of government over us.

Yet statistics seem to tell us that our level of general education is on a continuous decline.

Where does that leave Democracy?

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