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The State of Things #7

February 16, 2012

So, living in Greece, 2012.

What are we looking at? Well for a start a nation in full tail spin. A country, a democracy no less which seems to be drifting very rapidly towards a kind of neo-fascism, the sort that is brought about when a population feels desperate, with fear and anxiety for the present and the future. All the stronger when it is fuelled by an exaggerated sense of self-importance and a dangerous disregard for history. Or at least for any kind of factual history. When you get a country with a vastly long history; a troubled one (what other kind is there?); and a well developed sense of entitlement you are already asking for trouble.

Recently Mr. Karatzaferis, the leader of the extreme right wing in parliament (L.A.O.S. Party, the name is a neat little play on words too, as a word it means “People or nation” as a title it is an abbreviation for Laikós Orthódoxos Synagermós meaning People’s Orthodox Rally! How Nazi does that sound? ) decided to play his trump card by officially stating that his party will vote against the EU austerity measures, in the process sparking off the resignation of four of his ministers. Apparently an act of protest against the flaccid state of the government, and it’s vacillation over the question of the Greek debt (you can find out the details online somewhere I’m sure). It reminded me of Hitler’s manoeuvres in the lead up to being “invited” to take over the helm of government in Berlin.

Meanwhile Karatzaferis, the famous anti-semite and nationalist and his party seem to be working hard at ways to seduce a frightened and beleaguered nation into the arms of reactionary rule.

In the recent fire-bombings and destruction in Athens (February 2012) some very beautiful ne0-classical buildings in the centre of town were destroyed. It was generally assumed that it was done by groups of anarchists and it was pretty much blamed on them by the media.

However I have it on extremely good authority, from an eye witness no less, that it was LAOS thugs that did it with the tacit approval of the riot police who were present. The story as I was told it is that the LAOS gang were in the back alley behind the building when a unit of police rushed to attack them. The thugs shouted “we’re patriots of LAOS, Greeks leave us alone” which the cops did. They then set to torching the buildings. This was a deliberate act to put the blame on the demonstrators and therefore add fuel to the fire of disapproval and anxiety about the the unpatriotic lefties who are bringing chaos to an already deeply troubled country. My photojournalist friend who witnessed this, rather chillingly described it as a Crystal Night.

I suppose it is precisely in these times that the Right always makes its move to take control. And we know from history that they are not beyond acts of extreme sabotage and smear campaigns and any shady dealings to get to where they want to be.

A sad look out for the rest of us.

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