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Secure the Rooftops (an aside)

July 10, 2012

I am just looking at the public response to the “missiles on roofs” plan and the tepid response of Londoners to this remarkable scheme!
Their reactions are of this ilk: “Would this not make my home a target for terrorists?” and worse still “will I lose my property insurance because of this?”…
How stupid are people?
And who neutered British political thinking? And when exactly?
Doesn’t anyone know what it means firing high velocity rockets in the middle of a residential area? Or detonating anything over a city?
They are at best worrying about the presence of these rockets making them more of a target!!!!
A target for whom would be a logical first question! I would posit the very likely scenario that some inexperienced and trigger happy squaddie would let one off, and cause what we so quaintly call “Friendly” casualties and property destruction, long before any Bin anything can pose any kind of a threat.
There is no reason to believe that there will be any aerial attempt on London from what I have read so far. And yet they are justifying this multi-million pound stupidity by saying that it is all “for our protection”…
Oh that old chestnut! Again…

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  1. July 10, 2012 5:29 pm

    And who neutered British political thinking? And when exactly?

    It all goes back a long way, probably before Thatcher but for me, she was the turning point. It was at that time that we began to be told that things were being done for “our benefit” and for (at that time) “the war on crime”. There were subtle changes in law about the right to peaceful assembly, the right to demonstrate, the right to silence, etc etc.

    There were also massive changes to the education system that I see now have had a dramatic effect on the critical thinking of subsequent generations. Gone are the arts, sports and humanities to a degree. Education has been replaced by an industry led “get people ready for the workplace” kind of training ground.

    I’m not saying it was all rosy back then and now it’s rubbish but I feel that the seed of lazy thinking and disinterest were planted back then. I don’t really see young people marching for causes (unless a celebrity tells them to) or campaigning against things they disagree with. There seems to be a general malaise and an attitude of “if it’s not affecting me, why should I care”.


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