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Defence of the Realms

July 10, 2012

Interesting times we live in.

In France Mr. Hollande has unveiled part of his alternative plan for financial recovery. He intends or proposes to up the taxes on the rich and double the rents and property taxes on foreign residents in the country. Of course by foreign he means British and other Europeans who have moved in droves to France over the last few decades. It is a well known fact that for example many many thousands of British citizens own second homes or have even fully moved to France, buying up property in what the French estate agents claim is something like 40% of the market in certain parts of the country.

Also the taxing policy on profitable businesses which seems a very fair and logical step is meeting with very bad reaction from those very high profit businesses. Interestingly conservative government after conservative government throughout the West has shied away from imposing a fair, proportional taxation system for fear of alienating the rich until this point. Every time any government has suggested such a policy to my recall, they have either abandoned it post election or got scared into not really applying it.

If Mr. Hollande succeeds in making this stick, it would be an interesting first. Of course there is already a huge backlash. Just this morning I heard analysts saying that it is the death of entrepreneurial business ventures, one such business man saying that because of this he was closing up shop in France and moving his operation to Singapore.

Meanwhile that pillar of manly politics, UK PM Cameron expressed his outrage at the proposal to double tax British citizens resident in France, saying that Britain would give rich people a red carpet treatment in welcoming their transfer of wealth to the UK. He also suggested that the move on Mr Hollande’s part would be illegal, unconstitutional or some such thing. This of course a few days after the same man stated his right-wing-pleasing intent to ban Greeks from coming into the UK if things went totally belly up in Greece. Double standards anyone?

In other news…

The British government is now implementing its genius anti-terrorist plan of arming the rooftops of tall residential buildings within a certain radius of the Olympic Stadium with surface to air missiles!!!! This is part of the British grand plan for “Locking Down” London against terror threats. Now forgive me but I seem to remember that the Olympics main role was as a symbol of Peace and harmony… Or am I naive, or worse still totally stupid?

It goes without saying that in typical British style the government has not discussed or asked nicely for permission from the residents to do this. Apparently the residents simply received a rather thin leaflet through their doors, informing them that this was going to happen to their housing estates. Interesting where democracy and the government of the people for the people BY the people keeps ending up. In the deepest of gutters it seems is the norm nowadays!

More on this whole issue later I think. It is an interesting new twist on how governments have used 9/11 to do pretty much as they please over the ensuing years since that day. ( A couple of articles on this issue in  The Guardian & The New York Times, I’m certain you will find tons more on this for yourselves)

Meanwhile talk about history repeating, and in this case not even old history. Spain has now decided to take advantage of the first 30 Billion Euro bailout from the Proposed 100 Billion European rescue package allocated to it by the whatever European Bank-fund-what-have-you. Don’t people in positions of responsibility pay any attention to the news? I mean didn’t any responsible adult in Spain follow what happened to Greece when it gave in to the temptation of this very “Euro Rescue Package” carrot on a stick????


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