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July 8, 2012

This week we seem to be hearing a lot of this word, this wonderful catch all of a word “SORRY”.

It’s interesting isn’t it, that Ms Clinton, after six or more months of keeping on at her Pakistani allies to open the roads to Afghanistan finally, begrudgingly made a kind of an apology for “accidentally” killing 24 Pakistani soldiers.

She said “Sorry

Then Mr. Diamond of Barclays Bank, having been basically caught in the act of allowing his bank (oh but it was only fourteen of the traders!) to fix interest rates there by bringing about a certain degree of extra catastrophe to an already ailing and corrupt banking system, was forced to resign and sit in front of a cross parliamentary board of enquiry.

He said “Sorry

Not too long ago the Australian government famously responded to hundreds of years of genocidal destruction of Aboriginal culture, finally, belatedly admitted gross culpability, in public.

They said “Sorry

Before that the U.S. government confessed to historical injustice towards various minorities. Deliberate infection of African American males with syphilis, reneging on a variety of binding legal agreements with most Native American nations, leading to wholesale destruction of tribes and tribal rights and property. Subjecting their own U.S. army personnel to radioactive experiments throughout the 40’s and 50’s (for all I know later too).

They said “Sorry

The Germans have been saying “Sorry” for decades for what they did to millions of non-Aryans in their gas chambers and concentration camps. And so on and on…

In light of this time of reconciliation and contrition, I think I’d like to try this word for myself; even if just to see how it would make me feel. So…


Hmmmm… Nice. That’s that then. Guilt free politics. You gotta love it.

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