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Swimming in the Ocean of Information

July 13, 2012

The Information Age is what we are supposedly living in.

We are in effect of the genus HOMO INDICINA.

But we’re often mislead by this word ‘Information’.

Information is many things.
Information can be almost anything.
Information is what it is.

But to be of any use the one thing it needs to be is FACT.

Unfortunately information is not obliged to be fact.
At its best it is no better than opinion and prejudice.
At its most insidious it is pure propaganda.


Secure the Rooftops (an aside)

July 10, 2012

I am just looking at the public response to the “missiles on roofs” plan and the tepid response of Londoners to this remarkable scheme!
Their reactions are of this ilk: “Would this not make my home a target for terrorists?” and worse still “will I lose my property insurance because of this?”…
How stupid are people?
And who neutered British political thinking? And when exactly?
Doesn’t anyone know what it means firing high velocity rockets in the middle of a residential area? Or detonating anything over a city?
They are at best worrying about the presence of these rockets making them more of a target!!!!
A target for whom would be a logical first question! I would posit the very likely scenario that some inexperienced and trigger happy squaddie would let one off, and cause what we so quaintly call “Friendly” casualties and property destruction, long before any Bin anything can pose any kind of a threat.
There is no reason to believe that there will be any aerial attempt on London from what I have read so far. And yet they are justifying this multi-million pound stupidity by saying that it is all “for our protection”…
Oh that old chestnut! Again…

Defence of the Realms

July 10, 2012

Interesting times we live in.

In France Mr. Hollande has unveiled part of his alternative plan for financial recovery. He intends or proposes to up the taxes on the rich and double the rents and property taxes on foreign residents in the country. Of course by foreign he means British and other Europeans who have moved in droves to France over the last few decades. It is a well known fact that for example many many thousands of British citizens own second homes or have even fully moved to France, buying up property in what the French estate agents claim is something like 40% of the market in certain parts of the country.

Also the taxing policy on profitable businesses which seems a very fair and logical step is meeting with very bad reaction from those very high profit businesses. Interestingly conservative government after conservative government throughout the West has shied away from imposing a fair, proportional taxation system for fear of alienating the rich until this point. Every time any government has suggested such a policy to my recall, they have either abandoned it post election or got scared into not really applying it. Read more…


July 8, 2012

This week we seem to be hearing a lot of this word, this wonderful catch all of a word “SORRY”.

It’s interesting isn’t it, that Ms Clinton, after six or more months of keeping on at her Pakistani allies to open the roads to Afghanistan finally, begrudgingly made a kind of an apology for “accidentally” killing 24 Pakistani soldiers.

She said “Sorry

Then Mr. Diamond of Barclays Bank, having been basically caught in the act of allowing his bank (oh but it was only fourteen of the traders!) to fix interest rates there by bringing about a certain degree of extra catastrophe to an already ailing and corrupt banking system, was forced to resign and sit in front of a cross parliamentary board of enquiry.

He said “Sorry

Not too long ago the Australian government famously responded to hundreds of years of genocidal destruction of Aboriginal culture, finally, belatedly admitted gross culpability, in public.

They said “Sorry

Before that the U.S. government confessed to historical injustice towards various minorities. Deliberate infection of African American males with syphilis, reneging on a variety of binding legal agreements with most Native American nations, leading to wholesale destruction of tribes and tribal rights and property. Subjecting their own U.S. army personnel to radioactive experiments throughout the 40’s and 50’s (for all I know later too).

They said “Sorry

The Germans have been saying “Sorry” for decades for what they did to millions of non-Aryans in their gas chambers and concentration camps. And so on and on…

In light of this time of reconciliation and contrition, I think I’d like to try this word for myself; even if just to see how it would make me feel. So…


Hmmmm… Nice. That’s that then. Guilt free politics. You gotta love it.


July 7, 2012

It seems that everyone I talk to sees the drift to the extreme right as a natural progression, resulting from the insecurity and terror created by the crash and burn of our prosperity bubble.

I wonder, often, why this is?

Is there something in the make up of human beings that drives them to become reactionary when they are frightened?

* Note to myself “explore psychological explanations for this”*

History Repeating?

July 7, 2012

Let’s see, the world as it stands now:

  1. An ambitious, over-bearing, rampantly dominant Germany, headed by a determined, intransigent, self confident leader.
  2. A French leadership standing firmly against a uni-linear German plan.
  3. A cosy relationship forming between the German and Italian Leadership.
  4. An isolationist, self involved, smug Britain.
  5. An overall shift to the extreme right in the lesser, especially Eastern European countries.
  6. A Russian leader with a firm strong arm government.
  7. A United States deeply concerned about its own internal problems.
  8. A massive failure of worldwide economic systems and a deep insurmountable banking and financial depression, corruption and crisis.
  9. A renegade, runaway power block forming in the far east.
  10. Multitude small wars, genocide, civil wars and interventionist wars being fought on practically every continent
  11. A rise of religious polarisation and fanaticism.
  12. The uncontrollable rise of Populist right wing politics in the States.
  13. An irreversible environmental disaster over 60 years, at least in the making.
  14. the rise and rise of racial politics.
  15. Political and national blocks forming in direct opposition to the great powers, yet deeply in the grip of dependency upon them…

I could go on. But does this remind anyone of anything? Is this a case of history repeating itself, again?

Iron Woman

July 7, 2012

It looks much like the Iron Lady of Europe is beginning to suffer a sudden bout of metal fatigue.

The inevitable backlash against austerity is gathering momentum. And the sad fact of it is that in spite of her wrong headedness she was some kind of stability in European politics.

If she falls, then who will replace her?

It is a fact, I think, that though her “Master Plan” was nothing like practical or realistic, at least she had a plan.

It looks very much like no one else at all has one… At all!

Now the German high court is sitting to judge if her ideas are in fact unconstitutional.

We hold our breath in anticipation of their decision.

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